Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Slashdot Effect

After 8 months, 66 videos uploaded, and 141,676 views, the BSD Conferences YouTube Channel was slashdotted for the first time last week. Specifically, Theo's OpenBSD Release Engineering talk was linked from this slashdot post. Views of the video spiked to nearly 8,000 a day after the Slashdot post, which dwarfs the previous highs of around 1,500 videos a day after I posted about Kirk McKusick's FreeBSD Kernel Internals lecture.

I think this is an excellent reminder of the power that forums like Slashdot still have in directing traffic among those seeking technical content online. I would encourage anyone interested in seeing more BSD related content online to install browser bookmarklets, toolbars, or other shortcuts to more easily share and promote FreeBSD content on Digg,, Slashdot, etc..

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