Saturday, July 18, 2009

FreeBSD Code Metrics Now on

I've written previously about and how I'd like to see more of the dynamic code metrics calculated there available on the FreeBSD web site. I am happy to report that today I noticed after several years of attempts, the ohloh repository import servers have finally managed to get through the entire FreeBSD source repository. Their software setup previously had difficulties dealing with a project with as long of a history as FreeBSD.

You can now view the top level code metrics about FreeBSD from the FreeBSD Project Page on This page indicates that there are over 10 million lines of code, that more files are licensed under GPLv2 than any other license.

The committer totals do not quite match up with Peter's Commit Counters. Even after accounting for the fact that Peter's system could potentially double count a commit that touches both sys and non-sys parts of the source tree, the numbers from Ohloh are still lower for some committers. Unlike the numbers on, the FreeBSD project on only contains the source repository. We are currently lacking the anonymous cvs access to our doc repository necessary to add the doc project to

How do the numbers reported on compare to code metrics others have reported for FreeBSD? Does this match expectations or are there any major problems with this data? How can we use this information on our website? Would a badge on the front page showing "Last improvement made X minutes ago" be useful? A list of most active committers in the past week on one of the developer pages? Other ideas for utilizing the work the Ohloh project is doing?

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