Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FreeBSD Developer Summit at Google

I'm happy to report that our two day FreeBSD Developer Summit following MeetBSD has been a success. We had over 30 attendees from the FreeBSD Developer Community as well as engineers from Yahoo, NetApp, Isilon, QLogic, Huawei, Google, Juniper, Cisco, Facebook, ISC, Metaweb, and other technology companies using or looking at using FreeBSD. There were formal presentations on the first day, followed by less structured hacking during the second day. The agenda of talks for the first day is available here. This concludes I think the end of a very busy summer/fall period with BSD Conferences and developer summits in Ottawa, New York, Tokyo, Strausburg, and Mountain View. Next up is Ottawa and Cambridge, UK in 2009. Thanks to Leslie Hawthorne and Xin LI for their help in organizing the summit.