Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50th BSD Video Posted: All DCBSDCon '09 Videos Live

Jason Dixon has made available the last 4 videos from DCBSDCon 2009. The last video marks the 50th video uploaded to the BSDConferences YouTube channel. This channel was created less than 5 months ago and now has 924 subscribers from authenticated YouTube users, and the videos have been viewed over 76,000 times by users from around the world (includes partial views).

The newest 4 videos are :

The average number of daily views is around 500, with significant spikes above 1,500 in the days after a popular new video is announced:
And the top 10 videos sorted by views (biased towards older videos that have been available longer) are :

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Jason Dixon said...

I haven't uploaded George Neville-Neil's video yet. There were some technical difficulties with the beginning of his presentation and I'm still deciding how best to finish it.