Sunday, October 24, 2010

FreeBSD at GSoC Mentor Summit

As in previous years, Google held a "Mentor Summit" to bring together representatives from the open source organizations that participated in the Google Summer of Code to share experiences of what worked, what didn't, and generally learn from each other about shepherding students through the program. The mentor summit is always run Unconference-style and it is a great opportunity to meet, learn, and socialize with the many other open source organizations.

In addition to several hours of face to face FreeBSD-related catch-up with Brooks Davis over pizza and beer, I particularly enjoyed catching up with old colleagues and learning about the current state of a variety of other open source projects I use such as R, Boost, NTP, and Ganeti.

This weekend Brooks and I were the only FreeBSD representatives. Given that I'm local and Google sponsors the travel of 2 representatives from each open source organization it's quite unfortunate we couldn't get another FreeBSD mentor here this year. I would strongly encourage some of the other mentors that have never participated in this forum to volunteer to represent FreeBSD next year. This program has funded approximately 117 students to work on FreeBSD over the past 5 years and the mentor summit is best way I know of to improve the experience for students and open source projects next year.

Thanks again to all the FreeBSD mentors that worked with students this summer and hope to see some of you at the post-GSoC Mentor Summit next year...

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