Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nominations for Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards

Nominations for the 5th Annual Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards are now being accepted. As in previous years the awards are open ended so nominations should also include the name of the award / achievement in addition to a nominated recipient (e.g. Best Lifetime Contributor, Community Builder, Tool Builder, Overall Hacker, etc..). Nominations are due by May 22, 2009 and will be judged by a committee before winners are presented with an award at OSCon 2009. (Via Google's Open Source Blog.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50th BSD Video Posted: All DCBSDCon '09 Videos Live

Jason Dixon has made available the last 4 videos from DCBSDCon 2009. The last video marks the 50th video uploaded to the BSDConferences YouTube channel. This channel was created less than 5 months ago and now has 924 subscribers from authenticated YouTube users, and the videos have been viewed over 76,000 times by users from around the world (includes partial views).

The newest 4 videos are :

The average number of daily views is around 500, with significant spikes above 1,500 in the days after a popular new video is announced:
And the top 10 videos sorted by views (biased towards older videos that have been available longer) are :

Monday, April 20, 2009

20 FreeBSD Summer of Code Students Announced

Leslie Hawthorne from Google today announced the students selected to participate in this year's Google Summer of Code. Among the 1,000 students from 70 countries participating in this program, 20 will be working on FreeBSD projects, 11 on NetBSD projects, and 5 on DragonFly BSD projects.

Keep an eye on the FreeBSD wiki and mailing lists for more information about these projects over the summer. Congratulations to Robert Watson, Brooks Davis, and Tim Kientzle for pairing up mentors and students for this year's FreeBSD applications :

  • Student: alejandro pulver
    Project: Ports license infrastructure (part 2: integration)
    Mentor: Erwin Lansing

  • Student: Ana Kukec
    Project: IPv6 Secure Neighbor Discovery - native kernel APIs for FreeBSD
    Mentor: Bjoern A. Zeeb

  • Student: sylvestre gallon
    Project: USB improvements under FreeBSD
    Mentor: Philip Paeps

  • Student: David Forsythe
    Project: Package tools rewrite via a new package library, with new features
    Mentor: Tim Kientzle

  • Student: Fabio Checconi
    Project: Geom-based Disk Schedulers
    Mentor: Luigi Rizzo

  • Student: Fang Wang
    Project: Implement TCP UTO
    Mentor: Rui Paulo

  • Student: Gabor Kovesdan
    Project: BSD-licensed libiconv in base system
    Mentor: Xin LI

  • Student: Ilias Marinos
    Project: Application-Specific Audit Trails
    Mentor: Robert Watson

  • Student: marta carbone
    Project: Ipfw and dummynet improvements
    Mentor: Luigi Rizzo

  • Student: Prashant Vaibhav
    Project: Reworking the callout scheme: towards a tickless kernel
    Mentor: Ed Maste

  • Student: nikhil bysani
    Project: Porting NetworkManager to FreeBSD
    Mentor: Ed Schouten

  • Student: gabor janos pali
    Project: Design and Implementation of Subsystem Support Libraries for Monitoring and Management
    Mentor: Oleksandr Tymoshenko

  • Student: Satish Srinivasan
    Project: TrustedBSD Audit: Developing BSD licensed tools for importing, exporting from/to Linux audit log format and BSM.
    Mentor: Stacey Son

  • Student: tatsiana severyna
    Project: puffs (pass-to-userspace framework file system) port for FreeBSD
    Mentor: Konstantin Belousov

  • Student: edward napierala
    Project: Hierarchical Resource Limits
    Mentor: Brooks Davis

  • Student: aditya sarawgi
    Project: Improving Second Extended File system (ext2fs) and making it GPL free.
    Mentor: Ulf Lilleengen

  • Student: Zhao Shuai
    Project: FIFO Optimizations
    Mentor: John Baldwin

  • Student: Zachariah Riggle
    Project: TCP\IP Regression Testing Suite
    Mentor: George Neville-Neil

  • Student: gleb kurtsov
    Project: In kernel stackable cryptographic filesystem (ownfs)
    Mentor: Stanislav Sedov

  • Student: tatsiana elavaya
    Project: ipfw ruleset optimization and highlevel rule definition language
    Mentor: Diomidis Spinellis

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Videos from DCBSDCon Posted

Thanks to Jason Dixon and Will Backman, the first 8 videos from the first DCBSDCon are now available in the BSDConferences YouTube channel. The audio quality for these is better than many of the previous conference videos because Jason was able to sync the audio with a direct recording from the podium taken by Will. These videos were also made with pure open source tools such as avidemux, mplayer/mencoder and audacity. More information will be coming soon to the VideoProductionAndPublishing wiki.

In the mean time, enjoy these technical presentations from DCBSDCon 2009: